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MyDreadlocks.com all started with, well, my dreadlocks. After getting my locks started back in the summer of 1999, I turned into a dreadlock girl who wanted to find different ways to style my hair, wear head wraps and take care of my new look. The first place I looked was online.

As a trained journalist, I value credible and reliable information but I didn't find much of that on the Internet. What I did find were really long FAQs that still didn't answer my questions, a sea of blog posts and philosophical rants about hair.

So, in an effort to create a space that provides the accurate, professionally-verified and proven techniques and tips that I thought were lacking on the web, MyDreadlocks.com was launched in 2003.

Funded and maintained by our partnerships with various product and service manufacturers, MyDreadlocks.com is part of Maltiti Enterprises Publishing (M.E.P.) company. This website is the premiere interactive guide for people with dreadlocks around the globe, regardless of cultural background.

Boasting an informative newsletter, in-depth articles, and an upcoming e-book series as well as stylist directory, MyDreadlocks.com puts thousands of consumers. Both men and women can get in touch with salons, locticians, hair care product manufacturers and distributors and shop on-line to make purchases.

MyDreadlocks.com is a so much like a salon where visitors can literally feel, experience, and embrace dreadlocks in all of their glory and benefit from the knowledge of hair care professionals! And now, you can share your comments and talk with me as well as other visitors.

I'm happy to find everything that I need to keep my locks healthy and looking great all in one place here at MyDreadlocks.com. And I'm happy that you can enjoy it all, too!

But enough about me: tell me about YOU by introducing yourself and sharing your interest about dreadlocks...

What's new with your dreadlock journey?

How do you manage your locs? Are you still considering dreads? Tell us more about you, your website, blog or other dreadlocks-related information.

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