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Once you've got your new hair style, taking good care of dreadlocks often becomes a top priority. Whether you decide to take care of your style on your own or with the help of a professional stylist, dreadlock hair care is as hard or as simple as you want it to be.

Many people have these mythical thoughts that having dreadlocks means less hair maintenance. It doesn't though; having dreadlocks just means having a different hair maintenance routine.

You have two choices for this routine: you can either spend money on your hair or spend time with your hair.

Spending Money: Git Your Hair Did

A stylist that specializes in the professional care of dreadlocks is called a loctician. There are a growing number of specialized salons around the world for people interested in sporting either natural or synthetic locks.

These hair specialists have knowledge of hair locking methods and maintenance techniques that aren't always taught in traditional cosmetology schools where hair stylists learn their trade.

Among other services, a loctician can help you maintain 'manicured locks' - locks that are usually styled, colored and otherwise groomed - to give you a clean, "mainstream-friendly" appearance.

For more information about the benefits and drawbacks of hair salons that specialize in the care of dreadlocks, read this article .

Spending Time: D.I.Y. - Do It Yourself

Should you chose to have your hair professionally maintained and styled, you’ll still have to maintain your own hair between visits; there’s no way around it if you want a healthy head of hair full of soft, shiny, flexible locks.

And even if you've never considered using a stylist for your dreads, you know that your locks need to be maintained on a regular basis. We're able to give you tips and techniques to make that maintenance a lot easier.

Whether we are talking about Black hair care, Asian hair care or Caucasian hair care, the way that you will maintain your hair with dreadlocks will have changed a bit from what you are used to.

Taking care of dreadlocks on your own saves you money, but it often takes as much as twice the amount of time than if you had professional care. Don't think of it as hard or as a waste of time though. If you hadn't before, you'll begin to enjoy taking care of dreadlocks by yourself and will love how easy it is.

All this so you can give yourself salon-like treatment (without the salon-like price)! Find out what your hair maintenance program should and should not include by clicking here to get great tips.

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How do you take care of dreadlocks? What about scalp care with locks? Whether you've got new or mature dreads, share your tips for the first few weeks - or years - with this hairstyle.

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