Why Your Clean Dreadlocks Are Truly Dirty And What To Do About It

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Clean dreadlocks need helpful hair care products but do you know which ingredients in your shampoo are hurting more than helping? What about your other hair care goods?

A report states that while most of us want the potentially dangerous ingredients in personal care products to be identified with a standardized system of warning labels, many of us have at least one dubious hair care product in our home!

What you thought were your healthy, clean dreadlocks may be clinging on to harmful toxic chemicals that can make you sick. It's enough to make you cringe.

No need to throw everything out. Instead let's do a bit of fast research on our hair care routines. First, give a bit of "side eye" to your current hair care products. Put every bottle, jar, and spritz under review.

What Is A Good Shampoo For Dreads?

clean dreadlocks, cleaning dreadlocks

Here's what you want to avoid...

  1. BHA or BHT: May cause cancer.
  2. Coal Tar Dyes. Potentially toxic metals.
  3. DEA: May cause cancer.
  4. Dibutyl Phthalate: May disrupt reproductive process.
  5. Formaldehyde-releasing Preservatives: May cause cancer.
  6. Fragrance/Parfum. May trigger allergic reactions or cause cancer.
  7. Parabens: May disrupt reproductive process.
  8. PEG compounds: May cause cancer.
  9. Petrolatum: May cause cancer.
  10. Siloxanes: May disrupt reproductive process.
  11. Sodium Laureth Sulfate: May cause cancer.
  12. Triclosan: May create antibiotic resistance.

If you actually picked up a few bottles of your hair care products while looking at this list then you may be feeling overwhelmed right now...and this is only the top 12 ingredients to pay attention to!

The Hair Care Dirty Dozen list above is based on research from America's Environmental Working Group (EWG). Their findings are controversial and tend to upset cosmetics industry lobbyists. Even I was skeptical for the longest time: I rarely use conditioner and how bad can shampoo really be if you're rinsing it out after a few minutes anyway?

But there's no arguing that natural is better. If you can find a way to expose yourself to fewer things that are bad for you, it will do a world of good. Literally: you'll likely have less of an impact on the environment and enjoy soft, healthy locks!

And while it seems overwhelming now and you realize that it may be tough finding hair care products that avoid all of these ingredients, doing so can also have a positive impact on your overall long-term health if you make the effort.

So what's the alternative to clean dreadlocks properly?

Clean Dreadlocks With Natural Hair Care Products

Good hair care products - one's that actually clean dreadlocks - do exist.

The first step is to look for specialized hair care brands that have transparent manufacturing processes. The minimum requirement to demand is a hair care ingredient list that is openly available to you. If there's no label or some vague reference to what's inside, then pass! Other positive markers to watch for include using essential oils and herbs. While the term "organic" can be a good thing , it's important to realize that there are different levels of certification around the world.

Residue free shampoos are preferred for cleaning dreadlocks but finishing off your washing process with an apple cider vinegar rinse will get even the creamiest products out of your locs every time!

Now that you know about the Hair Care Dirty Dozen, take a look at your hair care products (not just your shampoos or conditioners but your pomades, waxes and hair oils, too) then list their ingredients below. Let's create a look at the common ingredients to cheer about or jeer about when it comes to cleaning dreadlocks...

Which Ingredients Are In The Hair Care Products
You Use To Clean Your Dreadlocks?

Do you have any of the Hair Care Dirty Dozen hiding in your shampoo, conditioner or other dreadlock products? Or do you have truly natural hair care products?

Share the product name and then list all the ingredients that appear on the label, along with any comments you have!

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