Your dread shampoo tips


Since day one of this site, dreadlocks hair care has been a main focus. From describing the importance of a loctician to sharing my 5-step approach to regular maintenance, you've shown me that it's your biggest concern too.

To address your concerns about hair care in a different way, I created a series for you called...

Easy Hair Care Tips
To Include In Your Dreadlocks Maintenance Regime

One of the 5 steps - washing, toning, conditioning, grooming, styling - will be covered daily and Part 1 of 5 starts right here with...

WashingAs you can see, each step will have 3 posts for you to consider. Read one or read them all! Whatever you decide to read, however, your comments and feedback would be appreciated.

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Please send any questions, comments or suggestions about the series directly to me.