Make tress distress a thing of the past with dreadlock accessories!

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If you've got locks, you know that different dreadlock accessories are the perfect solution for those days when you want a different look or (gasp) your dreads are being unruly.

It's true: dreadlocks are such a great style for the simple fact that they rarely need to be styled. However, there are times when - despite your best efforts - your hair products have lost their magic touch and your usual styling routine fails to tame your tresses.

No fear, that's what dreadlock accessories are for. No matter how long your locks are, a dreadlock accessory can range from a simple hat to beads , bandanas and bands. There's also another realm of urban headgear and headwraps to add to an already large range of choices.

Dude, you can so wear dreadlock accessories...

hair accessories for men, hair accessories men

What's that? You say you're a guy and won't put hair accessories in your hair?

Hair accessories in general and dreadlock accessories in particular have come a long way from ribbons and ruffles. Men with dreadlocks, can now confidently wear hair accessories (other than just plain hats) and still feel masculine.

With the right finishing touches, even an average Joe can look like a million bucks, with a simple dreadlock accessory.

Whether you're male or female, if you're going to sport long hair then holding it together with a mere rubber band may be useful but loses its coolness after a while.

Worse yet, many rubber bands can even damage your locks over time. Even if you have a shorter lock style, there are many dreadlock accessories to choose from; especially beads and wraps .


The great thing about dreadlock accessories is that they are so easy to make yourself, allowing you to make sure that what you put in your hair suits your personal style. On the other hand, it's always a good idea to stock up on store bought items, too.

There are many more benefits to dreadlock accessories. Like those days where you have to brace yourself and prepare for the worst: a bad hair day that's beyond help (especially common when your locks are in their beginning stages).

With some fashionable dreadlock accessories on hand you'll add instant glamour, fashion and flair, all while providing a diversion from your unmanageable mane. Accessories are also a great way of inexpensively updating your hair style.

Sports over fashion every day of the week

If you're sporty or outdoorsy, you may not have fashion high on the priority list but you still need to have your hair out of the way.

Hair accessories are the answer for you, too. Hats big enough to fit not only your head but your locks can be hard to come by, but if you know about hat sizing then you can make a go out of any hat. With a headwrap, you don't even have to worry about styling and once you learn how to tie it on properly it won't come off even in a sand storm!

dread accessories

A single hair accessory or two can get you through the entire year, from school to work to parties and never get tired. The best thing is that it doesn't need to cost a lot either.


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