Dreadlock hats, tams and head wraps are great ways to quickly change your look

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Dreadlock hats are usually the first thing people think of when they want to do something different with their dreadlocks. It's faster and cheaper than a new hair style.

Don't think you're a "hat person?" Dreadlock hats can express your unique personality. Head wear can color coordinate with your other accessories or outfit for little extra cost.

Just try on a few to get to know what suits you. The shape of your face, head size, coloring, personality, lifestyle and fashion tastes will all make a difference as to the types of dreadlock hats you will pick.

Types of dreadlock hats and head wear

There are two ways you can cover your dreadlocks: hats or head gear.

dread hats

Dreadlock hats can include:

a cap
a tam (also known as a rasta hat or hippie hats)
a kufi (also known as a skully)

While I didn't get a tam of my own until 10 years of growing dreadlocks, it's a great piece to have.

Whip it on as a stylish addition to your outfit or use it to hide the fact that you're running errands while deep conditioning your hair!

Dreadlock head gear can include:

a head wrap (also known as a hair wrap)
a headband
a bandana

There will usually be a lot of manipulation involved with these types of accessories so be prepared to learn how to twist knots, put your locks into updos and otherwise do a bit of hairstyling.

With head gear like head wraps you should look for cotton, knitted or mesh-type fabrics. These cloths fit and breathe well and are best for absorbing sweat.

If you keep accessories on for hours at a time, then consider adding a satin lining so that you don't dry out your dreadlocks unnecessarily.

Ideally, dreadlock hats should also be made from breathable materials. In addition, look for adjustable bands (sometimes called "flex fit") to help fit around your growing locks.

Make your hat look tight...not fit tight

Just because you have dreadlocks doesn't mean you have to be confined to only wearing dreadlock hats. As long as you know your hat size, you can wear any hat you desire.

Use this table to figure out what size your head is with your locks.

Measurement Hat Size
In. Cm. US English
21-1/8 54 6-3/4 6-5/8
21-1/2 55 6-7/8 6-3/4
21-7/8 56 7 6-7/8
22-1/4 57 7-1/8 7
22-5/8 58 7-1/4 7-1/8
23 59 7-3/8 7-1/4
23-1/2 60 7-1/2 7-3/8
23-7/8 61 7-5/8 7-1/2
24-1/4 62 7-3/4 7-5/8
24-5/8 63 7-7/8 7-3/4
25 64 8 7-7/8

Not sure how to measure correctly? Take any old hat you may have lying around. Put it on to see where it rests on your head, then measure where it rests.

Pull the tape snug around your forehead, going around above your ears making sure you include the widest part of your head. Once it's snug enough, measure to the nearest one-eighth inch or centimeter.

Remember, you'll have to decide if you want to wear your dreadlock hats or hair wraps with your hair up or hanging freestyle.

Wearing your dreads up inside your hat may require that you add a couple of inches or centimeters to your hat size.

dread hats, rasta hats

Like your dreadlocks, the appeal of the style is that they are usually different from the mainstream, which helps show your unique personality and identity.


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