Dreadlock People: White (Caucasian) dreadlocks on men

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Meet Cobie S. of South Carolina (also a member of the MyDreadlocks.com Product Panel). He's had his dreadlocks for more than two years.

Let's hear from Cobie himself:
"I ordered the Dread Kit form Dread Head HQ a good two years ago (2002). I started my dreadlocks with a combination of 'Twist n' Rip' and then backcombing them to make them tighter.

I used a locking accelerator and it works but it itches really really bad. I used wax, which it was okay but I stopped using it many many months ago. I also use the Knotty Boy Locksteady Gel and the Mint spray. I like that, it makes my hair smell very nice"


Sectioning locks for Twist N Rip Method...


Even dressed up with a dread bead...

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