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Month after month, the following 10 pages on dreadlocks hair maintenance catch my readers' attention. So let's save you a lot of time, shall we? Here's the quick reference guide you need on how to grow dreadlocks...


1. 5 Easy Dreadlocks Hair Maintenance Tips For Knockout Style

Grab this go to guide for the 5 simple steps you should remember to keep your locs at their best between hair styling. You'll get everything you need to know from scalp care to hair care.


2. Avoiding Bad Hair Care Mistakes With These 2 Options

Will you go to a specialized dreadlock hair stylist who can easily work with natural hair? Or perhaps you want to do take the do it yourself (DIY) route instead? Maybe a combination of the two? Find out which option will work for your particular needs.

rasta hat, rasta hats

3. The Only Hair Accessory For Dreadlocks You'll Want To Use Daily

Similar to you getting a make over, dreadlock hats, tams and wraps quickly change your look. Read on to learn how to get head gear that fits dreadlocks of every size and length.

dreadlock accessories

4. Who Else Wants Unique Dreadlocks Hair Accessories For Men And Women?

There's no excuse for having bad hair days anymore. No more rubber bands! Not when there's so many different ways to add wraps, jewels, and beads to your locs.

shampoo dreadlocks, dreadlock shampoo

5. Dreadlocks Hair Washing Is Easier When You Have These 3 Types Of Shampoo

It's not just about being residue-free! Find out which three types of shampoo you should have handy for healthy locs.

dreadlocks products

6. Worried About Dreadlock Products Ruining Your Hair?

Stop searching for more natural hair care ideas. The best dreadlock products are ready for you to discover, try out and review...

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7. If You Don't Consult A Loctician Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Do you know the 3 key traits of a great hair stylist for your dreads? Find out why a professional loctician is your best best to healthy locs that last.

dread instructions,instructions dreadlocks

8. See How Easily You Can Get And Maintain Locs

Not only are there several ways to start dreadlocks in your hair but you can read this page for information on dreadlocks wigs or temporary dreads, too!


9. Are You Wasting Time Considering Sisterlocks Imitations?

Starting dreadlocks with hair braiding is a technique certified in America but there are other ways to start dreadlocks with braids.

make dreadlocks

10. Give Me 10 Minutes and You'll Get Help Starting Dreadlocks With Twists

The tools, tips and techniques on this page will help with using any method for getting dreadlocks


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