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Dreadlocks Pictures: Women Dreadlock Styles
Dreadlocks Pictures: Men Dreadlock Styles

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Reader Dreadlocks Styles: I'm in the mature stage  
I've been growing my locs for 5 years now and I had relaxed hair since a kid. It was so hard for me to go natural. One day, I said I'm so tired of burning …

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: Locks On regular 'Ol White Person Hair 
Backcombed and crocheted, now I just twist and separate them after a nice wash. These are pictured from when I had my dreadlocks for 2 years.

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: At last...I feel good about them 
I one day woke up and decided I must have locks so I shaved my long permed hair. I had someone to come over home and do my locks but it ended up looking …

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: Baby dreads after one week 
My friend and I made a "Dread Pact" and did our dreads together. Mine are now a week old. I love them. I don't think I'll ever go back. I feel much more …

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: Natural and synthetic dreads Not rated yet
I've had dreads for over 10 years, these ones started in 2007 then got cut off last year. I re-extended them back on, and added some synthetic extensions …

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: My Dreads After 18+ months Not rated yet
My name is Erica and I'm 21 years old. I started growing dreads last year,the last week in August.

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: Need a retwist after 7 months Not rated yet
I have been having dreads since March 10 2011

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