5 More Secrets Of How To Get Dreadlocks

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Once you've decided on getting dreadlocks, your options have only begun: you now have to figure out how to dread your hair using steps that you can do on your own or with the help of a stylist.

Here are five dreadlock methods, some of which you may never have heard of, to get dreadlocks and start your new hairstyle off on the right foot.

1. Backcombing

Recommended Starting Length: 6" min
Hair Type: All
Tools: teasing comb, wax or wax alternative,

Section hair then use a teasing comb with "plastic forks" on the end if you want to get thicker dreadlocks that are uniform. Using fast and small strokes, hair sections are gently teased into individual dreadlocks that only take a few minutes each. Finish off with a dab of wax or wax alternative while palmrolling.

Secret Tip: Before using the backcombing method, be sure to ward off split ends by trimming the ends of your hair with a sharp pair of scissors. As your dreadlocks grow you can continue to keep your ends healthy looking by applying a hair mask to the ends of your hair and leaving it overnight.

2. Organic

Recommended Starting Length: 2" min
Hair Type: All
Tools: Sea salt, aloe vera (optional)

Wondering how to make dreadlocks organically? Just let your hair do its thing! This is not the fastest way to do it but it is the easiest. This isn't about neglecting your hair so you will want to keep your hair clean during this process as healthy hair provides a better base for dreads than dirty hair ever can. There are two types of organic hair locking methods to keep in mind: natural matting and freeform. Natural matting means no manipulation of the hair and freeform allows you to separate new growth so that locs don't join together. Either way requires patience.

Secret Tip: To help quicken the matting process to make dreadlocks, consider easy to make sea salt hair rinses or products with aloe vera as one of the primary ingredients.

3. Rubbing

Recommended Starting Length: 0.5" min
Hair Type: All
Tools: Brush, wool or lint-free towel (optional) and wax or wax alternative

Lightly rubbing your hair in circular motions, starting from the root, for several minutes will form a small section of matted hair. Pretty easy! Now, using 1-inch sections, repeat the process around the entire head. This type of root rubbing can be done with a brush or a lint-free towel.

Secret Tip: Use a soft bristle brush to reduce damage to your hair roots and thinning hair problems. Remember, damaged roots make for weakened growth of individual locks. That's definitely not the way you want to get dreadlocks.

4. Coiling

Recommended Starting Length: 5" min
Hair Type: All
Tools: Thin gauge wire, wax or wax alternative

With this method, hair is twisted around a thin gauge, rubber coated wire. It stays in place for 6 to 8 weeks and is then removed once your hair has started to lock up. From then on, maintenance takes place as usual with latching and/or palm rolling.

Secret Tip: Play around with this style by wrapping more wire or fabric around the outside of individual dreadlocks as well.

5. Extensions/Dread falls

Recommended Starting Length: 2" min
Hair Type: All
Tools: hair extensions

An experienced stylist can add extensions - either human hair or synthetic - to even the shortest manes. This easy way to get dreadlocks is helpful for a variety of reasons. You can add hair extensions directly to your roots and allow your natural hair to grow out. This is a good option for those transitioning into natural hair and wanting to get dreadlocks.

New growth needs to be maintained so that the roots lock up as close to the scalp as possible (typically within 3-4 months). You can also repair mature dreads with extensions. Lastly, if dreads are a temporary style for you, then dreadlock extensions like dread falls potentially allow you to do as little damage as possible to your own hair.

Secret Tip: You have more control over the number, thickness and length of the locs when using hair extensions so create your dream hairstyle!

As you can see, these five dreadlock methods allow everyone to enjoy a unique hairstyle. If you've been wondering how to get dreads, then you'll be able to get started with one of these choices. And if you've already started your locs, share your experience with the method below!

Did you get dreadlocks
using another method?
Wish you started with a different method?
Tell us about it!

With so many ways to start dreadlocks, I'm bound to have missed a few so share your favorite way to get dreadlocks.

Hearing from those who wished another dreadlock method was used is also important so please tell us your experience!

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