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Reader Dreadlocks Styles: These are priceless... 
9 years, long dreadlocks from Manila, Philippines. Longest strand is around 42 inches.

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: Dedicated To Mom 
1st time and I love it! Well my mother had dreads 'n I always wanted when she passed I was like well I guess I'll dread my hair in honor of …

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: New Dreads 
This is me after two days of having dreadlocks. After years of wanting dreadlocks from the first "palm and hand tease" attempt, my ex shaved them out. …

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: After Two Months What Do You Think Of It? Not rated yet
I love to have dreadlocks on me cuz dem ppls said it is handsome on me.

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: My Start To Finish Not rated yet
I go to my cousin's house near the middle or end of the month to get new styles. First wash, then dry, start twisting, then will see! Ed: …

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: My Start To Finish II Not rated yet
My dreadlocks can get made up in many ways. You knew that, so humble 'n take look... My dreadlocz look like trees or snake heads lol! So I love to do …

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: Colored 4-month-old Dreads  Not rated yet
Hello fellow dreaders, I have had my dreads for 4 months now this is my first time with dreads. I've had them worked on about 4 times in a salon and I …

Reader Dreadlocks Styles: Long Dreads, Mature Dreads Not rated yet
Have these babies for 6 years now :)

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