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"I really like this online magazine and this is only the first issue I have read!! I was looking for something to do with my hair and I think I have found my answer."

- Rachel
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Dear Friend,

That's right, getting locked up is a dream come true. In fact, more and more people are getting Locked Up! these days. Why? It's a great way to take better care of their dreadlock hair style!

Do you want to know how to make starting and maintaining your locks easier?

If you said "YES", then I want to invite you to get your free subscription to Locked Up!, the newsletter about dreadlocks for people with all types of hair.

Discover how easy it is to get locks that get looks...

By the time you've finished reading this letter you'll know how Locked Up! will save you money and time when it comes to taking care of your new, mature or synthetic locks.

Get everything you need to help you start and grow your dreadlocks, in a convenient monthly e-mail message. Here's a sample of what's you'll get with your subscription to Locked Up!

  • Get dreadlock tips and tricks from professional stylists; don't miss this insider information.
  • Gain access to exclusive pictures and step-by-step hair care guides. You'll be able to apply what you learn from simple examples right away.
  • Hear first hand experience from lock wearers with different hair types and know ahead of time what to expect. It's like having your own crystal ball to see the future!

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Every issue of Locked Up! is delivered straight to your email inbox and is filled with effective dreadlock tips, terrific products, expert advice and so much more. You'll find solutions for starting dreadlocks, growing dreadlocks, and creating head-turning styles. Sounds amazing so far doesn't it? But wait until you check this out:

  • Want to know how someone else with your 'kind of hair' is dealing with their locks? Our readers pipe up in every issue.
  • Do you get confused over the different kinds of shampoos, waxes, gels and pomades? We've got detailed product reviews that will fill you in on the products and accessories that will help your locks look their best.
  • Ever wonder how you were going to take care of your locks on your own? No one has time for trial and error; get it right the first time with the information you'll find in Locked Up!

Advice you can trust...

Come discover what it's like to get Locked Up!. Enjoy clear, no-nonsense advice, tested product reviews and access to exclusive dreadlock pictures.

Locked Up! can't replace personal consultations from a professional stylist who specializes in'll have to go into a salon to do that. But the great thing about getting Locked Up! is that we can put you in touch with a dreadlock stylist (also known as a loctician) in your area and around the world!

That's just one of the many useful ways that we provide useful content and tools that will help you grow great looking locks. If you're serious about getting healthier locks - locks that get looks - then you realize Locked Up! is exactly what you need to help you do it.

A subscription Locked Up! is valued at well over $25 a year. My own stylist thinks I'm crazy to be giving away all these dreadlock tips and more for free!

Magazines charge you for the chance to read this kind of information once month. Locked Up! gets you more valuable information than you'll find anywhere online or offline and you get it for free.

That's right, you're going to get everything that you've read about so far (and more) for free.

Signing up is easy!

And if you're still hesitant, I'm sure you won't be after reading this guarantee...

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Natasha Vincent

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