Reader Dreadlocks Styles: Locks are a DIY thing

by Nicole Hawkins
(Orlando, FL, USA)

Jan 2011

Jan 2011

Jan 2011
Jan 2010 Before locking my hair (transitioning)
Last summer, after retwisting hair
4 months ago with healthy, short locs

I was told 6 months after I started locking my hair (having a full grown afro after 1 1/2 yrs) not to wash it regularly but every time I locked/twisted it, so that the twists would stay in longer. Correct, but if you didn't oil your scalp like I did, dandruff problem (for black ladies sorry).

My former hairdresser friend says beeswax a no-no; correct. Kemi oil has been great on my hair, and "dread juice" my sister from LA uses on hers (they look fabuloso!) I washed my dreads once a week between locking, and 2 weeks after just locking, and it worked out.

I was on a Nazirite vow for 3 years, so I didn't cut my hair, and even though my parents were from the Islands, they weren't excited about the idea of locking my hair. But after the afro got too big and I twisted my hair to take it down a notch, they agreed and loved it!

But I'm cutting it this I encourage everyone to treat locking their hair like a lifestyle change; how you eat, wrap your hair, wash and take care of it reflects on you. So do it well.

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