Reader Dreadlocks Styles: Wedding Updos With Locs

by Clarice M.
(Washington, DC)

A nice elegant style I had done for a wedding ( big ups to my king Nazz, yes he did my hair)

A nice elegant style I had done for a wedding ( big ups to my king Nazz, yes he did my hair)

A nice elegant style I had done for a wedding ( big ups to my king Nazz, yes he did my hair)
Pictures of dreadlock updos are a great way to wear dreads formally
Wedding updos for women with dreadlocks
Dreadlock updos and wedding hairstyles for locs

About 8 years ago I said goodbye to the relaxers and did the big chop. Two years later, I decided to let my hair lock on its own starting with 2-strand twist. It was an interesting, life-changing experience.

It was kinda tough at first in the short stages. They would go different ways and sometimes wouldn't stay down the way I wanted them to. Seemed as though they had a mind of their own. Took me a while to learn that along with the growing process you have to be patient, not worry about what others think and have fun with it.

Thru my journey, I also learned that the stuff that I was buying was more harmful than helpful to hair, so I started making my own natural hair care products for my locs.

My hair couldn't be any happier. Learning to mix different oils was easy (and less expensive). I especially found coconut oil helpful for the bald spots I had from hair breakage. At times when I felt I needed it I would do a hot oil treatment using jojoba oil.

Sleeping with a satin scarf at night also helps it from drying out. For the most part I just let my hair live.

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Jan 17, 2014
find out for urself NEW
by: Anonymous

There r some good shampoos and conditioners out there. don't let anyone tell u different.

Jan 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

What you wash your hair with has a great deal to do with what kind of breakage you can expect. ALL of the commercial shampoos out there today have alcohols of some kind in them. THAT is what's trashing your hair. The conditioners too. Cetyl alcohol is some nasty stuff.

What do you wash your hair with?

I use plain warm water in a squirty long nose tipped bottle and add two tablespoons(per cup of water) of baking soda swished in it. I squirt it down into my scalp all over then hit the locks themselves. Let my hair set for 5minutes(scalp should be tingly by then) and then rinse off well. My hair feels squeaky clean.

I make a homemade flaxseed hair gel(I add a few drops a essential oil) to use on it next; just lightly go over the most unruly parts.

That's it. That's my regimen.

The fact that you're putting so many oils and such on your hair means that you have to use oil-stripping shampoos on your hair. I went through this vicious cycle a few years ago before I clued into what was going on. Once I changed the products I used on my hair it was a wakeup call. My hair breathes more naturally now.

Jun 12, 2011
Clarice, satin is the way to go...
by: Natasha - Admin

While I don't use a scarf, my pillow case is satin. It really does make a difference.

Along with your homemade hair care products, your locs are bound to be happy.

Would love to know where you got your hair accessories!

Nov 14, 2010
Great Style
by: Anonymous

Your locks look healthy and the style is beautiful!
I also use Coconut oil and not much else on my locks! Thanks for sharing your journey, tips, and photos!

Nov 14, 2010
Just Use It Straight Up
by: Clarice

I usually use the coconut oil as it is. It already has vitamin e and other minerals so no need to really add anything extra to it. If you don't care to have your hair smell like coconut you can add other essential oils to it like lavander, patchouli, bergamot, sandlewood, whatever you like.

Nov 13, 2010
Love the style
by: Anonymous

Cute hairstyle. By the way, how do you make your coconut oil? I think I want to try to make my own natural hair care products as well.

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