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shea butter nutNatural shea butter hair products - from shampoos infused with essential oils to treatments and leave in hair conditioners - are gaining in popularity. With claims of increased hair growth tied to this small tree nut, along with other hair care benefits, it's easy to see why they're are often called the tree of life by the Senegalese.

The tree grows throughout the West and Central Africa where entire communities can be seen collecting the nuts. The shea nuts are then pounded, roasted and separated into butter and oil.

Both natural shea butter and the wonderfully light shea nut oil have benefits for your dreadlocks hair care routine that you won't want to pass up...

  • Need to get rid of your dandruff problem?
    Shea butter hair care products could help you get closer to your solution. After using a tea tree oil-based shampoo, run a small amount of shea butter oil through your scalp using a gentle raking motion with your fingers through your dreads. Since it's noncomedogenic you'll worry less about clogged scalp pores holding onto scalp oils and dandruff flakes.
  • Does your sensitive scalp have you on the edge?
    Use a natural, raw soap bar made of this special tree nut as a mild scalp cleanser.
  • Who else wants touchable locs?
    As much as you don't want strangers up in your hair, it is nice to run your fingers through soft, healthy locs. This nutty smelling hair oil will soften your hair which means mature locs will appreciate the instant conditioning and long-lasting shine. Want to extend the softness? Use it as a deep conditioner or hair mask treatment once or twice a month by massaging a generous amount in your locs and wrapping your hair in a moist towel for 30 minutes before rinsing.
  • Want to take control over your frizz?
    Use a nickel-sized amount on your edges and it will go a long way to smoothing and taming frizz. Unlike gels or creams, the light hold will keep your frizz at bay for hours.
  • Be kind to your budget.
    Natural hair products are usually multi-purpose and shea butter hair care products are no exception since most can be used on your entire body.

Here's a homemade hair moisturizer recipe called Shealoe for you to try...


whipped shea butter4 oz, creamy shea butter

aloe vera dreads3 oz. aloe vera sap

shea nut oil1 oz. shea nut oil

tea tree essential oil5 drops, essential oil of choice (for example: tea tree, lavender, etc)

Blend all ingredients until smooth.


You're done! This 100% natural mixture is full of healthy fatty acids like omega-9 can be used on both dreadlocks (to help them stay healthy and promote growth) as well as skin (to seal in moisture after showering). Store in glass container placed in a cool, dry place for up to 60 days.

When shopping, look for ingredient labels that list the nut as either the first or second ingredient. Also keep in mind that raw shea butters will have a nice clay color and have a nutty smell while overly refined products lack not only color but vitamins.

Leverage these 5 tips and demand natural shea butter hair products for the best level of dreadlock maintenance.


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