Sisterlocks (or Brotherlocks) can get you more manageable dreadlocks

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Sisterlocks (or Brotherlocks) is a dreadlocking method that emphasizes natural hair care.

Dr. JoAnne Cornell founded this trademark company in 1993. Their home office is in San Diego, California, but there are certified consultants in at least a dozen other states with more on the way.

This trademark dreadlocking technique is unique in that this locking system starts from the end of the hair shaft and works up toward the scalp. It is customized for the individual--for YOU--by certified company-trained associates.

sisterlocks dreadlocks, sisterlocks

One of the most noticeable traits of this dreadlocking method is the small size of each loc. It's this small size that give Sisterlocks hairstyles the look of microbraids. It also makes it very easy to style which is a bonus. I'd never pit Sisterlocks vs dreadlocks, though, as having either means that hair care maintenance is of the utmost importance.

When speaking to Dr. Cornwell a few years ago, she mentioned that clients with Caucasian hair types didn't often opt to start dreadlocks with this method but a select few of the certified stylists do have experience working with straighter hair types.

The Package consultants sell consists of three sessions:

Session #1 is an assessment visit. You and your consultant review your preference for hair styles, your daily activity level, the kind of hair you have and how well it will hold a lock.

Session #2 may take 10-18 hours, depending on the length of your hair and lock size. Many clients end up with over 450 Sister locks which accounts for the amount of time it takes to complete.

A special tool is used to create Sisterlocks, interweaving parted sections together to form new dreadlocks. They can be very thin and much more flexible than the dreadlocks you're used to seeing and can be styled like straight hair!

By the end of this visit, you'll get a Starter Kit which includes bands, shampoo, tip sheets and helpful hints...but not the Sisterlocks tool. If you want to buy the Sisterlocks tool, then you'll need to get certified as a consultant first. If that's not in your future, then you'll need to schedule follow-up appointments to make sure your finished locks stay gorgeous.

Session #3 is a refurbishment visit. During this Sisterlocks maintenance visit, your certified consultant will adjust your locks, tightening and reweaving with the tool as necessary. This session lasts 4-6 hours.

At around 4 to 6 months, you can begin to take your own maintenance in hand by enrolling in a certification class to learn how to maintain your dreadlocks yourself. In addition to generating revenue, you could help minimize the cost of your own future hair care. If you want to know how to do Sisterlocks, you've got to get certified.

Dr. Cornwell's official site can be found at:

Main Page

View their two stylist directories. They're always updated...

( Get a consultant in training ) or ( Use a certified consultant )

And if you think that a those who are training can't provide accurate information about this hairstyle, check the comments section below: "Share Your Thoughts Make Your Own Review"

For anyone who wishes to try another method of self-styling with braided dreadlocks, search the Web for Cherie King's book called "Bradelocz".

Remember, there are more than 10 dreadlocking methods out there. It may not be braiding but one of them will suit you perfectly!


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