Web Site Testimonials

"I have read your web site thank you again and again I have learned so much"
G. Ramos, NY (U.S.A)

"Your site is simply amazing. Its clarity, content (though I can't wait for the gallery!) and organization are all superb. It is the best dreadlock site I have seen- and I have seen many. Thanks for shining some light on a topic that has been associated with much myth and disinformation."
S.K., Montreal (Canada)

"Just glad that I found your website - really appreciate it."
Faith, London (United Kingdom)

"This is awesome a wealth of info and all for free? Wow! Thank you I am having my locs started tomorrow."
Kimberly, Virginia (U.S.A)


Newsletter Testimonials

"Thank you for the opportunity to read and enjoy your magazine. Thank you so much for your labors in producing a magazine specifically for dreadlocks. A dreadlocked sista appreciates it."
T. Daniel, GA (U.S.A)

"Please, keep up the good work on these useful and most informative newsletters..."
R. Wells, DC (U.S.A)

"I really appreciate a newsletter for dreadlocks. Many of times I am tempted to cut mine off because of social indifference towards them. Thank you for providing such a service to people's rights to be free. Doing good!"
Trina, California (U.S.A)


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